How We Source Your Products

Exceptional Value

Step 1

Identifying of the right factory / supplier

Step 2

Doing a quality check of the factory before we use them

Step 3

Negotiating the best possible price for the item you are interested in

Step 4

Creating the artwork (if required) for the product and packing

Step 5

Following up regularly with the factory, on the order

Step 6

Doing a final quality-control check once the goods are ready

Step 7

Shipping to your port of choice using one of our trusted shipping agents (super competitive pricing)

We Provide The Best Sourcing Services


Free Consultation

We provide a free 20 minute consultation to potential new clients.


First Class Service

We take our sourcing seriously and want our customers to receive first-class service.


Quality before Quantity

We’re professionally driven  and have successfully sourced quality goods from Chinese factories for our clients in international markets.



We’re committed to building and maintaining positive relationships with factory management which is beneficial to doing business.

Our Service Process

Sourcing from China factories at the best possible price, for you.

Request for quote

We provide you with quotes from different suppliers.

Production Process

We place the order in your name to the company while applying for terms and conditions. We also discuss all details such as payment terms, delivery, quantity while pushing for quick delivery

Quality Control

We monitor the entire order during the production process and inspect all your goods before shipment to ensure they are in perfect order.

Shipping and Delivery

Whether you want the goods to be shipped to your warehouse or doorstep, we’ll handle the logistics for you.

Follow Up Support

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your needs.

We help businesses get the right products and suppliers in China, effortlessly.

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